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One Piece chap.966 : Roger and Whitebeard. Review

(PSSS…before reading this review, read the chapter legaly on Manga Plus )

Clash of the Titans !

Home Run for Roger !

As soon as he landed, Oden rushed to attack. He knocks out several members of the future pirate king’s crew with his Oden Nitoryu. Gaban and Rayleigh are ready to welcome him but Roger told them not to move. He is going to take care of him ! With a single swing, he hit him as if he was nothing more than a ball. Gol D. is too strong for him… but not for Whitebeard. The clash between their hakis is so powerful that it sends a lot of people away ! 

The GOATs enter the stage!

 The two crews compete against each other for three days and three nights. On the fourth day, pirates who only 24 hours ago were enemies are now fraternizing. The young recruits of both crews are keeping a close eye on each other. If Teach isn’t impressed by Shanks and Buggy, our two friends seem interested in him. And our clown is well-informed. It seems that the future Blackbeard never sleeps. If our redhead envies him, Red Nose considers him like a monster.

Buggy and Shanks

Meanwhile, Whitebeard, Oden and Roger are in the middle of a conversation. Gol D. tells them that he has reached the last island of Grand Line, Lodestar thirteen years ago… at least that’s what he thought, because, he’s sure, another one exists! And he is convinced that the ponegliphs can lead him there. Now that he knows Kozuki can decipher them, he begs Newgate to let the samourai come with him for a year. But « Whity » doesn’t like having family members taken away from him!  

Roger begging Whitebeard

Roger, by divulging what he knew, aroused Oden’s curiosity. Our samurai now wants to know what links him to these stones. He, in turn, begs his captain. Reluctantly, he accepts. So here is the heir of the shogunate and his family (+ the two free riders Inuarashi and Nekomamushi) boarding the Gol D.’s ship. 

A warm welcome

If the reception on board was, at first, hostile. Very quickly he was able to get himself adopted. Roger then tells him that he has only one year to live, hence his eagerness. The chapter ends in Skypiea with a crew learning the existence of the ancient weapon Poseidon and a captain who asks Oden to leave this message « I have come to open the passage to the most distant place in the world!! ».

I guess you could say Oda has spoiled us for the holidays. The story goes on and on, and we’re at a loss for words. We learn that Roger was a swordfighter and that he was madly powerful, that only Whitebeard could match.   

We learn a little more about Teach and it seems that he is not a normal human being: he never sleeps! The fact had already been teased by Ace during their fight, by Shanks, when he met WB and by Marco at MarineFord. What other secrets can he be hiding? Also,we finally discover who Gaban was and that the guy used axes as weapons!   

One last notable thing is Roger and Rayleigh’s reaction with Oden’s children. If Oda’s showing us this, it’s got to mean something, but what? Roger is not yet a father, unless Toki has used his power on Red, which is highly unlikely. The reference must surely be linked to Rayleigh, and who knows, maybe to the Monkey D. family as well. Anyway, that’s all for now, see you next year. 

Have a good holiday and be safe.

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