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One Piece Chap 967: Rodger’s Adventure

Laugh Tale !

Roger just found out how to get all the Road Poneglyph

Roger’s crew is heading for Water Seven. On their way, the captain learns from Oden and the two Minks that each of their islands has a Road Poneglyph. With the one he stole from Big Mom and the other one given to him by Whitebeard, he has everything he needs to reach the last stage.

Roger’s pirates goal is the One Piece and nothing else

They arrive in the Fishman’s Island. On the spot, they are stopped by Neptune and his army because of a prophecy… which, in the end, did not concern them. However, they learn more about the ancient weapon Poseidon (who will be the future princess Shirahoshi). In any case, what interests these pirates is not these weapons, but the treasure left by those who made them!

Oden’s promesse to himself

Leaving the kingdom under the sea, the pirate crew continued their adventure until they arrive on Wano. While approaching the island, Toki felt ill : she can no longer continue the journey. The dilemma then imposes itself on Oden: to stay with his family in his country that seems to be changing for the worse, or to finish this adventure with Roger? His wife left him no choice: he must keep his promise to himself !

Shanks and Buggy are real buddies, because he decided to stay

After getting the road Poneglyph of Wano. It’s time to get  the last one in Zo to get to the last island. Roger doesn’t have many days left so they have to go now. Buggy suffering from high fever, Shanks offered to stay with him. Shanks promises him that when they get their own ship they’ll go together.

Roger became the Pirate King !

Shortly afterwards, the news went around the world: « Roger has conquered Gran Line! He is the King of the Pirates!  »What others don’t know is that on the way, Roger, Oden and the rest of the crew discovered the greatest secrets of the world: the truth about the lost century, about the D’s, about ancient weapons. But most of all, when they saw Joy Boy’s treasure, they laughed… so hard that tears ran down their faces! And that’s how Roger decided that this last island would be called « Laugh Tale »!  

When he saw the One Piece, he couldn’t help laughing… and crying…

What a chapter! The emotion is there and the tears are not far away. This little flashback has an aftertaste of the end of One Piece! And also a great smell of adventure. As we often forget, a pirate story contains the unexpected, the discoveries, and the danger of course … but also a lot of wonders! And GOD-Oda has given us all a litle bit with these few pages.

Among other things, we learn about the central role of Joy Boy. He was connected to the Poneglyphs, to the forgotten history, the ancient weapons and ESPECIALLY to the One Piece (which seems to be his treasure!) But what is his connection to Shirahoshi, why did he build the ship Noah. What is he apologizing for? For what fault? The Celestial Dragons, the world government? Why did Roger name this island, Laugh Tale ? In short, a lot of questions for few answers. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

Eaglesham Mc Guinky Tout afficher

Parisien trentenaire, diplômé en langues (Anglais/Portugais), civilisations (Anglo-saxonnes et lusophones) et en Histoire de l'Art et Archéologie.

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