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My Hero Academia ep. 12 : « Unforeseen Hope »/ Eng. Review

The situation is getting complicated…

After concluding that the league of villain was not associated with the yakuza, and then encouraged by Lock Lock, Deku, Night Eye and EraserHead rushed to join Mirio and Eri. And their timing was perfect, as Lemillion was reaching the end of his strength.

Deku’s Presentations !

Without waiting, Deku and Eraser Head attack Chisaki, but the latter is protected by his sidekick Hari Kurono, who manages to isolate himself with Izawa. Overhaul is now alone with the rest of the heroes. Using his alter, he disassembles and assimilates Shin Nemoto, giving him the appearance of a four-armed man.

Overhaul looks like a monster!

Wanting to save Eri and Mirio at all costs, Night Eye asks Izuku to exfiltrate them while he fights the yakuza chief. But the confrontation doesn’t turn to his advantage and he ends up being impaled by Chisaki.

Night Eye gets impaled

Seeing this, Deku rushes to Overhaul, leaving Lemillion and the little girl getting out on their own. But although Izuku is stronger and faster than the gangster’s two previous opponents, he is predictable and gets hit in the leg and arm.

Eri comes back while Midoria is wounded

It was then that Chisaki, using Nemoto’s alter, convinced Eri to come back, but she imposed the condition that he treat all those he had injured. But Midoria refuses to give up, which grieves Night Eye because, having seen the future, he knows that the villain will get away with it and that neither he nor the young hero will survive. And suddenly, collapsing from the ceiling, appears Ryuko Tatsuma, Nejire Hado, Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui still fighting the yakuza of the doorway.

An unexpected arrival!

An interesting episode which deconstruct everything Lemillion set up. Eri came back to Chisaki. Midoria get hurt and Night Eye impaled. Not to mention the fact that the latter, having explored the future, doesn’t see them surviving this fight. So the set-up is done, everything is against Deku. Taking only those informations into account, he has no escape, he is supposed to die! And it’s this scenaristic set-up that will make such an impact on Izuku’s next actions, because they will change the future predicted by Sir (he who said it was impossible to change what he saw) and will prove that he is indeed the worthy heir of One For All. 

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