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One Piece ep. 916: A Living Hell! Luffy, Humiliated in the Great Mine!/ Eng. Review

Luffy’s in prison !!!

Even unconscious, he still manages to use his Haki!

Luffy is unconscious. Kaido wants him to be taken to the Udon prison. He wants to break him so he can turn out a good little soldier.  But the task is not going to be easy, because even fainted, the lad uses his conqueror haki !  In the meantime, Trafalgar has managed to escape, so Hawkin will have to make do with Straw Hat.  Otsuru takes care of the wounded of the city, watched from a distance by Kinemon, who is reassured to see her alive. While hiding from enemies, he is surprised to see Ashura Doji leaving the town.

Thanks to his demon fruit, Shinobu was able to create a crevice…

In the meantime, Okiku went back to the ruins of Oden Castle, or at least what’s left of it. Expecting the worst, she is happy to see that everyone survived thanks to Shinobu’s demon fruit that allows her to make everything rot, and in this case, the earth, creating a huge crevice from where they escape from Kaido’s divine breath.

Robin was shocked to learn that her captain had been captured

While Inuarashi, Wanda and the mink musketeers find Tama unconscious, in the rest of the island of Wano, the news of the capture of a certain Luffytaro spreads. All the mugiwaras, who were not present at the time of Kaido’s attack, are shocked to hear about it.

Who the hell is this prisoner?

At the same time, their captain, chained with Kairōseki, is dragged to the prison of Udon. A galley where prisoners are sentenced to hard labor. Making a remarkable entrance, Luffy immediately wins the enmity of the guards. One of them, wanting to correct him with a sword, is put down by a strange character locked in a dark cell. As for Monkey D., he is put in a cell  with an old acquaintance: Eustass Kid. 

Kidd and Luffy are locked in the same cell!

Thus ends act one of this adventure in the land of the samurai. This episode adapted chapter 924. Several details should be remembered, starting with the fact that, as everyone imagined, the people shown to us as having been killed by Kaido were not. But also that the minks have finally arrived, that a strange individual is introduced to us and that Luffy is imprisoned in Udon with Kid! 

Two things bothered me about this episode. The first one is personal and it is the way Franky, Usopp and Robin’s seiyus played the shock of learning that their captain had been arrested. I was expecting something louder, which gives more weight to their incredulous faces. The second one is narrative and I think it’s a mistake done by the director of this episode. It’s about the unknown character locked in the dark. In the manga, Oda, during several chapters, doesn’t show us anything to see of his chara-design. He prefers to keep it for the right moment : when he would appear in full daylight, in all his splendor. He manages to create a mystery around him, distilling here and there, a few clues. I deplore that in the anime, the choice was made to summarily show the character.

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Parisien trentenaire, diplômé en langues (Anglais/Portugais), civilisations (Anglo-saxonnes et lusophones) et en Histoire de l'Art et Archéologie.

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