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One Piece chap. 968 : Oden’s return !/ Eng. Review

Oden’s rage ! 

The advent of Gol D. Roger, the King of the Pirates, had repercussions on all the seas ! He has become the man to be slaughtered if one wants to seize all his riches. For his part, he made the decision to disband his crew. Laught Tale has taught them the secrets of the world, like that one person will be born, who will surpass them all, and who will find the One Piece.

Goodbyes are harder than they look.

Then it was the time of farewells and tears, first Roger’s and then Oden’s. The latter leaving them with the firm intention of seeing them again one day. Back in Kuri, it is the joy of the reunion with his wife, O-Toki and his children, Momonosuke and Hiyori, but also of some admonitions from the Red Scabbards.

Beautiful reunion

For his fiefdom, his absence was well compensated by the hard work of his wife, who never ceased to give a good image of her husband to the population. But as far as the country is concerned, it’s a completely different story. Oden learns that his island is in the hands of the cursed Orochi supported by the pirate Kaido. And that, between the two of them, they have put many of the inhabitants to forced labor. Their orders are non-negotiable, and those who violate them are condemned to death. 

A scar from an arrow

In fact, it was in an attempt to prevent an execution that a few red scabbards left for the capital to confront Orochi. Taking advantage of this, Kaido sent his men to attack Kuri Castle to eliminate Momonosuke. As Kawamatsu and Inuarashi remained, no one died, but lady Toki was wounded in the leg by an arrow!

Nothing can stop him.

This act enraged Oden, who, guided by  his rage, took his two swords and rushed to the capital and exterminated Orochi’s guard. Face to face with his enemy, he attacked with the firm intention of cutting him down.

Oden has every intention of slicing up Orochi…

A sad and terrible chapter, for we already know the outcome. Whether it is for Roger and the pretensions he had for his son or for Oden, with whom our rage, as a reader, accompanies him in these final moments. So, yes, we know the end, but we don’t know how it ends yet. And given this last page, there is a good chance that the next chapter will mark the end of this flashback.

Looking forward to next week.

Eaglesham Mc Guinky Tout afficher

Parisien trentenaire, diplômé en langues (Anglais/Portugais), civilisations (Anglo-saxonnes et lusophones) et en Histoire de l'Art et Archéologie.

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