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My Hero Academia ep.14 : Bright Future / Eng. Review

An end worthy of All Might !

Deku, with Eri’s help,  just beat Overhaul, but it’s not the end yet. It turns out that the little girl can’t stop her ability and Izuku only survives because the use of One For All 100% destroys his body, making it counterbalance the effects of the child’s Qirk. But he won’t be able to go on like this forever!  The solution for young Midoriya lies in Eraserhead’s ability. With his power, Aizawa succed  in stoping Eri.  

Eraserhead managed to stop Eri’s Alter

The mission is over and despite their success, the heroes and the police are counting many casualties. The only good thing is that the members of the yakuza clan are arrested and taken to prison. « But what about the League of Villain », you might say? Well they’re waiting for the right time to strike and take revenge and Chisaki’s transport is a good opportunity for it. Despite the presence of Sand Hero Snatch, Shimura and his acolytes succeed in making the yakuza chief unfit to use his Qirk. Plus, They got their hands on the anti-Qirk ammunition.

Enter The League of Villains

Night Eye is going to die! The shock of the news is brutal. All Might is at his bedside, crying like all those present. Midoriya is there too and Sir thanks him because, by changing the future, he showed him that there might be a chance to change his vision of Toshinori’s death. In a last effort, he keeps his final words for Mirio, for the one who is much more than his protégé. Using his power one last time, he leaves them with a smile on his face, for he has seen that Lemillion will become the greatest Hero.

Sir Night Eye dies with a smile on his face, a way for him to set an example.

An episode full of emotion because it ends the Yakuza arc. Night Eye is dead, but he died with a smile on his face knowing that his idol would not end up as he had planned and because he saw Togata’s future and that it is brilliant. On the bad guys’ side, Shimura proves once again why he’s the antagonist of the series by condemning Chisaki to a life without Qirk after taking both his arms. A cruel end for the one who, although in a twisted way, sought to restore the honor of the one who saved and raised him. Next week we should learn what will be the benefits of this mission for our young U.A. students.

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