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Dragon Ball Super Chap.56 : Warriors of Earth Assemble / Eng. Review

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Earth is under attack!

The Z-Team… almost complete!

The two months of preparation left by Moro have passed. Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Chaosu, Yamcha, Kurilin and Kame Sennin, with the help of Galactic Patrol Boats, are ready to fight. But the enemies do not plan a straightforward battle. They intend, first of all, to rob the Earth of its wealth and then destroy it. Therefore, from their mothership, several small groups are dispatched all around the world. 

Moro’s troops are splitting!

The Z-Team decides to split up to take care of them, only Gohan, Piccolo and Jaco remain on site. It is then that Shimoreka, the Space Sonic, makes his appearance, just like Seven-Three who, invisible, has managed to copy our two heroes. In spite of the advantage that one could suppose that he has won, the android does not manage to get the upper hand over his two opponents. Worse, he is losing! The fact is that he can steal as many abilities from them as he wants, he will never be able to reproduce their combined attacks!

Seven-Three appeared by surprise!
Nos deux héros étaient prêt à cette enventualité, ils ont donc préparé des attaques combinées
Seven-Three can’t do nothing against their joint attacks.

Cornered, Seven-Three is forced to resort to the power of Moro, but, out of luck for him, Gohan and Piccolo had already planned that it would end like this. Androids 17 and 18 are there to make up for this eventuality. Since they do not produce chi, they cannot get their energy absorbed.

The Z-Team had planned the whole thing
Androids 17 and 18 are the secret weapon against Seven-Three

In consideration of the turn of events, Moro decides to take action. Meanwhile, on the planet Yardra, Vegeta still can’t master the secret technique and doesn’t plan to leave until he does. Goku, on the other hand, seems lost in space.

Moro’s about to enter

A disappointing chapter. First of all because there are no more traces of Goten and Trunks. Earth is facing its worst nightmare, an old man who can’t fly is called, but two saiyans, the most powerful warriors in the universe, are left out! This omission should be explained! In the same way, we should also talk about the Boo case! It seems that  Toyotaro would have gotten rid of him if he could, but considering that this story takes place before the 28th Tenkaishi Budokai, in which he’s still alive, he choses to get rid of him by making him SLEEP !!! Same thing for Beerus !

Boo’s still asleep.

Not to mention the fact that Goku is lost in space, the lamest trick to make him reappear in the most desperate moment. In Dragon Ball, Toriyama was smarter, for example: if Goku only appears when Reacum is about to kill Gohan, Kurilin and Vegeta on planet Namec, it’s because, seriously injured after his fight with Vegeta, he couldn’t leave with his son and best friend, hence his late arrival. The construction is more subtle, better realized.

Meanwhile, Goku is lost!

So, in addition to the scriptwriting facilities, we have to talk about the panels. Sometimes, Toyotaro uses too many panels to describe an action, as if he felt forced to break it down as much as possible. By doing so, he slows down the scene which loses dynamism. There are also some panels he could make bigger as Toriyama used to do, to make the whole thing more lively.  

Hopefully the next chapter will be better.

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