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One Piece ep. 918: It’s On! The Special Operation to Bring Down Kaido! / Eng. Review

Wano country, Act Two.

It is on a marvellous melody interpreted by a mysterious shamisen player that this new act begins. On Mount Atama, in the Kuri province, Inuarashi tries to convince Shutenmaru to join them. But the brigand doesn’t want to anymore. Contrary to them, who have just arrived, he has been living for twenty years under the domination of Orochi. He also doesn’t think that their return will be welcomed by the island’s population. 

What the hell happened during these 20 years?

Thanks to the help of Choppaemon and two minks, O-Tama has recovered and learned that her aniki had been taken to Udon prison. Meanwhile, Luffytaro began his life as a prisoner. The least we can say is that it is not easy for him: he has to work with an empty stomach, handcuffed with Kairōseki, to earn a meagre ration of Kibidango. But for his cellmate Kid, things are different. He carries blocks of stone one after the other, which allows him to eat a lot, which has the tendency to annoy Mugiwara.

Unlike Luffy, Kid is in great shape!

In the flower capital, while O-Robi and Franosuke are with Sanjuro in his soba shop, the news that a killer named Kamazo and a thief named Ushimitsu Kozo are spreading through the city. Meanwhile, Usohashi, Bepo, Penguin and Shachi continue to distribute tracts to the bearers of an inverted crescent moon and O-Nami and Shinobu are trying to gather information from an arms dealer. An initiative that turns out to be a failure. 

Kamazo !

On Onigashima Island, Kaido’s headquarters, Jack the Drought is being given a hard time by the two other all-star Queen the plague and King the conflagration. One thing is sure, these two are not to be taken lightly!

Queen and King !

An episode that gives us some elements that will be important in the future (although, right now, it doesn’t add much to the plot). It is still interesting to be introduced to the two other strong men of Kaido’s crew, King and Queen. Two characters who seem powerful.

Eaglesham Mc Guinky Tout afficher

Parisien trentenaire, diplômé en langues (Anglais/Portugais), civilisations (Anglo-saxonnes et lusophones) et en Histoire de l'Art et Archéologie.

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