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One Piece chap.969: Stupid Lord! / Eng. Review

The birth of the « Nine Red Scabbards ». (969’s french version)

Oden is about to slice up Oroshi when an invisible barrier, coming out of nowhere, appears around the Shogun. It was the biwa player who, possessing the Bari Bari no Mi, protected the usurper with this unbreakable glass. Taking advantage of the fact that he is no longer in danger, he reveals to the lord of Kuri all the strategy that allowed him to take power.

A strange barrier repels the blow of Oden…

Meanwhile, a crowd had gathered in the capital. They were all waiting for Daimyo Kozuki to succeed, but two poisonous attacks and the sight of a dragon above the castle were enough to make everyone flee.

Un dragon !

Then Oden appeared again, naked, dancing like a clown in the streets of the capital for a little obole. And this mascarade, which shocked the whole population, was played every week. Little by little, his reputation was completely destroyed. No one had any respect for him anymore. Only his wife and children still spoke to him, a few rare allies like Yasuie and Hyogoro and, of course, his samurai. Moreover, the latters knew that there was a reason behind these strange actions, but the lord refused to answer them. 

Why is Oden dancing naked?

A year passed. Then two, three and four! During this time, Oden learned of the death of his friend Roger, which shocked him. Geko Moria attacked Kaido and stole Ryuma’s body. The fifth year arrived and Orochi decided to take action by going to Kuri.

Joy and sadness at the same time

He was there to announce the building of arms factories in the region. Seizing the opportunity, Lord Kozuki asked him about a ship and Kaido. Questions that angered the Shogun who ignored him and threw at his face that Hyogoro, who refused to submit, was captured and handed over to the Younko and that his people, who rose up, were crushed. Sixteen victims accounted and in the lot, the wife of the yakuza chief.

Orochi entering in Kuri

Oden could not hold back his tears. His people understood that their lord had carried a heavy burden alone for five years. In doing so, Orochi had gone too far. That’s when he decided to take action with the help of his samurai.

Oden can no longer contain himself

At sunset, he and his nine men left to face Kaido. The light reflecting on them made them glow red and the scabbards that were on their belts seem ablaze. Their nicknames of « red scabbard » came from there. The humiliation was over, and the end of Oden was very near.

Oden et ses neuf Fourreaux Rouges s’en vont en guerre !

What a hard chapter! Oden humiliating himself in this way is hard to read, but, as the red scabbards suspected, he had his reasons. Although we don’t know the details, it had to do with an agreement between him and Kaido about a boat. That rat Orochi didn’t realize that by attacking Hyogoro and his family, he had just made a serious mistake.

That’s the origin of the name « Red Scabbards. »

What can we conclude from all this informations? Kaido came to protect Orochi when Oden wanted to kill him. But I don’t think they fought, because Oden has no sign of a fight when he came out of the castle. Which means that there was a conversation between the two of them, and a deal was probably made. What Younko was bringing was something that had to do with a boat. As for Kozuki, he had to keep a low profile, accept the humiliation and not make a fuss. The protection of his family and friends had to be part of the deal too, otherwise Oden wouldn’t have decided to leave to face the pirate emperor right after he heard what had happened to Hyogoro and his wife, he would have rather taken advantage of the tumult created by Moria’s attack. 

But this is all speculation. We will only know the truth in the next few chapters… if the flash-back continues.

Eaglesham Mc Guinky Tout afficher

Parisien trentenaire, diplômé en langues (Anglais/Portugais), civilisations (Anglo-saxonnes et lusophones) et en Histoire de l'Art et Archéologie.

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