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My Hero Academia ep. 15: Smoldering Flames / Eng. Review

With the clan of the Eight Precepts defeated, the heroes are not done yet, as the League of Villains is still there as a threat. In fact, one of its members, Black Mist, has been spotted in a forest.  Gran Torino accompanies the police to apprehend him. Bad luck for them, he wasn’t alone. Apparently, Shimura wasn’t the only favourite of All for One.  And this surprise has the appearance of an invincible monster: Gigantomachia!  

Gigantomachia appears

In the end, they came hoping to weaken the League by capturing one of its members, and now they face a problem that could strengthen it. Although Black Mist has been apprehended, Gran Torino can’t help but think that the most dangerous element of the villains has escaped.

Forced to retreat in front of Gigantomachia

Meanwhile, the U.A. students who had participated in the anti-yakuza operation were authorized to leave. Deku, haunted by the fact that Mirio no longer has his Qirk, offers to give him the All for One. But he refuses. Didn’t Night Eye told him that he would become the Greatest Hero? In this case, no need to worry at all.

Mirio doesn’t want the One for All

It was not until late at night that Midoriya, Kirishima, Ochaco and Tsuyu finally returned to the dormitory. Returning to reality after what they’ve been through is not easy, but the friendly welcome of their classmates helped them. Uraraka is marked by this experience. His desire to save lives is strengthened by it. As for Eijiro, it will take him some time to get over it.

A kind welcome

Out of the whole class present, only two students seemed elsewhere and preferred to go to bed earlier than the others. It was Shooto and Bakugo. The reason is simple, they have their retake exam for the temporary hero permit the next day.

Endeavor would like to speak face-to-face with All Might…

Due to the nature of her power and because she hasn’t yet mastered it, Aizawa is going to spend a lot of time with Eri. This means that the supervision of the two students has been shifted to Pesent Mic and All Might. On the exam site, All Might is alpacated by Endeavor while Shoto and Bakugo meet old friends: Inasa Yoarashi, Kemi Utsushimi and Seiji Shishikura from Shiketsu! How will these tests end ? 

Old faces are reappearing

An interesting episode, but that’ s it. Interesting because we are introduced to a villain character who will have his importance in the future adventures of the League: Gigantomachia.  We’re in the middle of a transition between two arcs, so I wasn’t expecting much. I can’t wait for the next episode to move the story forward.

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