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One Piece Ep. 919: Rampage! The Prisoners – Luffy and Kid!/ Eng. Review

Shinobu and O-Nami manage, somehow, to escape from the arms dealers with the location and date of the weapons stockpile transfer. As for Sangoro, his soba stand is a hit, but the clientele is exclusively feminine, not even one samurai. His success is such that he attracts the attention of local thugs.

O-Nami and Shinobu notice that Sangoro only attracts women!

Meanwhile, in the prison of Udon, Kid and Luffy are transporting blocks of stone. Double benefit of the activity: they train physically to support the Kairōseki and they earn enough Kibidango to eat as much as they want.

With these two, everything is a competition

Different from prisoners who struggle for a few dumplings, as is the case with poor Hyogoro. Old and frail, he works as hard as the others, but only manages to get one Kibidango.

Hyogoro only won one Kibidango…

Our two young captains have thus emptied the food stock. An act that drove vice-director warden Dobon crazy with his hippopotamus’s smile. Out of rage, he tramples on old Hyo and orders the two culprits to be brought to him. He intends to make them pay!

Dobon’s angry, who may have emptied the food supply !!!

Kid and Luffy are introduced to him and straw hat immediately notices the wounded old man. The guards explain to them what will happen if they rebel. Thus warned and faced with the culprits, Dobon attacks them and locks them up in his enormous hippopotamus mouth, his room of carnage. Too bad for him, the two lads take advantage of this isolation to settle the score. No evidence, no consequences. They can leave under the cheers of the other prisoners and with Hyogoro in their arms. 

Kid and Luffy fix the problem very quickly…

An episode without a lot of action, and from which we can get information. Last week, we saw men ready to rebel, but unarmed. O-Nami has solved this problem and has managed to gather information that will enable them to get their hands on an arsenal. As for Kid and Luffy, this ordeal of prison and handcuffs made of marine granite will give them the opportunity to become stronger, possible Power-up of Mugiwara. In addition, the prisoners will surely strengthen the rebellion. We’ll see what the next episode will be like. 

Eaglesham Mc Guinky Tout afficher

Parisien trentenaire, diplômé en langues (Anglais/Portugais), civilisations (Anglo-saxonnes et lusophones) et en Histoire de l'Art et Archéologie.

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