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One Piece chap. 970 : Oden vs Kaido/ Eng. Review

(Scantrad : French scan chap.970)

The final battle of the Red Scabbards has come!

The confrontation will take place in Udon!

The battle will finally take place in Udon. Informed by a spy, Kaido and his troops were waiting for the ten samurai who were heading towards Onigashima. Five years ago, the emperor had lied to Oden because he knew that with the forces he had at that time he would have been defeated by Kozuki. As for the latter, if he had remained the same as in his youth, he would have had the pirate’s head in exchange for a few innocent victims. But those years spent with White Beard and Roger had changed him.  

11 Samurai vs. a thousand pirates!

The confrontation began! In the heat of battle, Shinobu joined the Kozuki Clan. Eleven samurai faced a thousand pirates. The forces were unbalanced and yet Kaido’s troops, despite some powerful men, were getting beaten! For his part, Oden had only one goal: the head of Yunko! With one of his powerful attacks, he wounded the fierce pirate.

Oden’s stronger than Kaido!

As he was about to finish him off, he was distracted by the sight of his son taken hostage! Taking advantage of this moment of inattention, Kaido punched Oden from behind. As he was losing consciousness, he realized that it wasn’t his child, but the old witch of Orochi who had taken on the appearance of Momonosuke.

Kaido cowardly punch!

Oden was captured with his Red Scabbards, then they were locked up in the capital awaiting their punishment. Only Shinobu escaped, the daïmio having made believe that he did not know her. The sentence fell: Lord Kozuki and his samurai are condemned to die scalded to death!

Oden and his samurai are condemned to die scalded alive!

What a chapter!! In the end, Kaido was lucky. He was afraid of Oden and the samurai of Wano country. That’s why, knowing that he had a character similar to Whitebeard and Roger’s, he came up with a plan to give him time to increase his military power. Unfortunately, as far as the deal they made is concerned, we do not know more. Perhaps it will be important in the rest of the adventure, we will see. We also learned what many readers thought: there is a traitor among those very close to Oden! Perhaps a Red Scabbard. In any case, for those who doubted Shinobu, I don’t think it’s her. We can see that King and Queen were already part of the Kaido crew and that, perhaps, they didn’t have their demon fruits yet. Moreover no smile either (which is normal since it is an invention of Cesar).  

The end of Oden is near. How will the Red Scabbards escape? In one final moment of bravery, will Oden succeed in freeing them? We won’t have answers until two weeks from now, as Oda is taking a (well-deserved) break.

Eaglesham Mc Guinky Tout afficher

Parisien trentenaire, diplômé en langues (Anglais/Portugais), civilisations (Anglo-saxonnes et lusophones) et en Histoire de l'Art et Archéologie.

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