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One Piece ep.920: A Great Sensation! Sanji’s Special Soba! / Eng. Review

Sangoro sobas, only attract women…

In front of his soba stand, the line gets longer, but their is no trace of a man.  Franosuke and Uso-hachi explain to Sangoro that maybe he should change his recipe if he wants to attract some.  An advice that the cook doesn’t like.  This is when three men double-cross everyone.  

Three yakuza come to pressure Sangoro…

Those are yakuzas from the Kyoshiro clan, for whom O-Robin has already danced. They’ve come to put pressure on Sanji because he sells soba on their territory. They throw down the pot of noodles and explode a little girl’s soba bowl.

Since Sanji refuses to bend, they attack his shop and his customers…

If there’s one thing Sangoro hates more than anything else in the world, it’s wasting food. Helped by Franosuke, they beat up the three gangsters. Once that problem was solved, they realised that all the customers were gone, except for the little girl. A very strange little girl since she can’t stop smiling.

Never waste food in front of Sanji.

His meal was ruined and to make up for it, the former cook at Braratie’s made her a bowl of soba with the leftovers. The little girl is overjoyed ! While chatting with her, the members of the Mugiwara learn that her name is Toko, that she is the assistant of the Oiran, Wano’s most beautiful woman, and that she is late for the Oiran’s parade.

The bowl of soba made of leftovers by Sanji fills little Toko with joy.

And she’s not the only one, because out of nowhere, O-Robin’s teacher appears to announce that, like the Oiran, she’s invited to the Shogun’s banquet.

Le professeur de O-Robin explique à tout le monde qui est l’Oiran

In the meantime, in Udon prison, old Hyo comes to thank Luffy for saving him. With kindness, the pirate captain offers him food coupons so that he can eat his fill. Then Raizo appears and tells him that he has found the keys to his handcuffs and that he will soon be able to free him.

Luffy gives old Hyo some of his coupons…

Just an episode. There’s not much to say about it, except that it’s good to see a badass Sanji and a Franky in action (by the way, we had the impression that even the character was happy to let off steam). Despite the lack of story told, they still make us focus on three mysteries that will have their importance for the rest of the adventure: 1. Toko’s strange permanent smile. 2. Why focus so much on this old man from Hyo, who is he? 3. Who can this Oiran be?

Eaglesham Mc Guinky Tout afficher

Parisien trentenaire, diplômé en langues (Anglais/Portugais), civilisations (Anglo-saxonnes et lusophones) et en Histoire de l'Art et Archéologie.

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