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My Hero Academia ep. 17: Relief for License Trainees / Eng. Review

The children of the primary class think they have more powerful Qirks than the heroes and, above all, that they can control them a lot better. Facing them, Shoto, Bakugo, Yoarashi and Utsushimi will use their powers to « tame » them without « traumatizing » them. By creating a pleasant and recreational environment, the Hero apprentices succeed in reaching the hearts of the children.

They managed to reach their hearts

A demonstration that makes Endeavor realize the path he must take to make his son proud of him as a superhero, but also and especially as a father.

Endeavor realized what he was missing…

Back in high school, the funeral of Night Eyes passed, as did the summer. Time resumed and everything went back to normal for the students of class 1 A. Well except for Midoriya because Yuga behaves in a very weird way with him! A behavior close to stalking which started to worry Deku.

Yuga is watching Izuku while he sleeps…

In the end, there was nothing to worry about. Although he did it in a strange way, Aoyama simply wanted to sympathize and get closer to Izuku. And the reason was that like the One For All heir, his body was having trouble adapting to his Qirk. A little misunderstanding that allowed Midoriya to make a new friend.

Yuga has a body that can’t stand his Qirk, like Izuku

An episode that doesn’t tell us much, apart from highlighting the psychological and social aspects of the superhero profession. Heroes are not only strong and powerful people who are only there to fight and protect people, they also have a duty to be humble, benevolent and to listen to them. They must be able to touch their hearts. This lesson given by Shoto, Bakugo, Yoarashi and Utsushimi to the children was ultimately the advice Endeavor came to seek from All Might. Maybe that’s what he needs to become the real new number one. 

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